10 Reasons You Should Never Mess With an Empath

Empaths are extremely powerful people, and I wouldn’t recommend that you mess with one. Empaths are excellent at reading body language and they are the best mind detectives!

Empaths are born with a gift; they have the ability to feel others feelings. Although this is handy when you need someone to talk to, this isn’t their primary gift. Empaths are experts on human psychology by second nature. This gives them to ability to be able to tell when someone is faking, lying, or simply not who they said they were. Some nice people have cruel intentions, let’s face it. Empaths just have the ability to recognize this.

4 signs that reflect you don’t have a healthy work culture

This is a good article to help you evaluate if perhaps you should move on to greener pastures. We spend so much of our life at work, it can severely affect us if our workplace is an unhealthy atmosphere.

Problem is…the owners and managers that need to read this will never acknowledge that it applies to them. I would also have added “micro-managing employees” to this list.