Self or Situation?

wpid-treatment-of-others.jpgIt seems to me, that people seek 1 of 2 things in their lives. Either you seek to improve yourself, or you seek to improve your situation. The person who seeks to improve their situation, is always looking for better things, or more of what they already have. They want a better job, better car, better house, sometimes even a more attractive or financially stable partner. They are more worried about their reputation, or how they appear to others, than about who they actually are inside, and who they become. The other type of person, seeks to improve themselves. They strive to learn, grow, change, and experience different things to make themselves a more well rounded person. This kind of person wants to be a better partner, parent, employee, or leader in their community, not for how it benefits them, but because they want to make life better for everyone else around them. One is a giver, the other is a taker. One focuses on being self-centered, the other focuses on being others-centered. The older I get, the easier it is to tell them apart, the more disappointed in humanity I am, and the more I appreciate who God is.

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